Clients often come to us confused or completely unaware of a of essential digital marketing terms that have been thrown at them by marketing practitioners and web designers.

We hate using jargon and whenever possible we avoid all use of techie terms or “Geek Speak”, but there are a few terms that using becomes unavoidable, especially with clients looking to integrate a digital marketing strategy in their longterm marketing plan.

A while ago we wrote a post compiling a jargon busting Overview of Common Web Terms for people who are too afraid to ask. However, we recently received in our inboxes a link to this video from our colleagues at and we thought that it provides such a good Intro to Internet Marketing and its terms that it is too good not to share with you. You can view it here.

By the way, when conducting initial keyword, audience and competitor research for our clients’ search engine and social media strategies, we use a wide number of tools – SpyFu is often one of them. As their video explains they offer many features for free, and we’d recommend it to anyone comfortable with conducting their own initial competitor analysis.