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11 Steps To Help You Prepare For a Better Web Design Experience & a Perfectly Performing Website

OK, it may not have the snappiest title in the world, but it does exactly what it says on the cover: it lays out in straight forward terms the things you need to consider when planning your new website.

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How to plan a website

We’ve compiled a series of steps filled with tips and advice that is both simple to understand and easy to digest, but which will revolutionise your web design experience!

Taking the leap into creating a new website is a big decision. Whether you’ve never had a website before or you’re going for a redesign, the steps covered in this ebook will enable you to prepare well and ensure that the design process goes smoothly and efficiently. Importantly, it will also ensure that the process is both cost-effective and results in a website that performs to, or better still exceeds, your requirements.

These steps are so important we ensure that we go through them with every web design we create, and you should too!

Whether this is your first dabble into the world of the web, or you’re web-savvy; whether you’re building your site yourself or employing a developer and web design agency, this book is for you. The steps in this ebook will provide you with the groundwork that will ensure the process you’re about to embark on will be enjoyable, productive and will deliver a swift return on your investment.

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